Vincenzo Viska Federici​

Vincenzo Federici is an Italian comic book artist from Naples. After his Classical Arts studies, he started to work in comics for French publishers, like Soleil Éditions and on a creator owned project for the Italian publisher Noise Press, called The Kabuki Fight. After, he moved to American publishers, working with IDW Publishing, Zenescope Entertainment, Dynamite Entertainment, Boom! Studios, Humanoids and more, on series like Army of Darkness /Bubba Ho-Tep, M. A. S. K., Star Trek, FireFly, Go Go Power Rangers, Bettie Page and more. He’s teacher in different Italian Comic Schools.

Commission prices

  • A4 Half Bust inked colored $ 170
  • A3 Full Figure inked black/white $ 230
  • A3 Half Bust inked black/white $ 200


  • Ken Street Fighter Alpha A4 $ 150 + $ 40 shipping
  • Big Barda A4 $ 100 + $ 40 shipping
  • Pathfinder: Spiral of Bones issue #4 cover A3 $ 400 free shipping
  • Bettie Page Unbound issue # 4 cover $ 300 *free shipping

Contact Vincenzo

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