Luca Maresca

Luca will start streaming on Sat at 11am CEST

Luca made his professional debut in 2008, on an Italian series called “John Doe”(Eura/Aura ed.), for which he made 3 issues (about 300 pages). 

In 2013 he started to work for Sergio Bonelli Editore, on the “Orfani” series and made several issues (about 400 pages) after which he then continued to work on the Bonelli series “Martin Mystère” and “Nathan Never”. 

In 2018, he started working simultaneously for Marvel as well with several issues of “Asgardians of the galaxy” and on the comic book adaptation for the MARVEL STUDIOS  “Spiderman Homecoming”. He continues to work on Spider-man with the “Spider-man – City at war” series and has worked on the entire series of “Spider-man: The Black
Cat strikes” inspired by the video game for the PlayStation 4.

Commission prices

  • 24x33 cm Ink face € 50
  • 24x33 cm Ink half body € 100
  • 24x33 cm Color face € 80
  • 24x33 cm Color half body € 150
  • A3 Ink half body € 150
  • A3 Ink full body € 200
  • A3 Color half body € 200
  • A3 Color full body € 300
  • + Background € 50 (artist choice)

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