Katherine Hemmings

Hey, I’m Katherine Hemmings, an aspiring comic artist from the West Midlands. In 2018 I was apart of the comic creative catalyst lead by John McCrea with guest teachers such as Dave Gibbons and Laura Howell. Since then I’ve been workingon my own comics. In 2019 I self-published my own book called Being Ginger which was all about the funny and sometimes strange situations us red-headed people deal with. I am currently working on more comics such as ‘Being A Cosplayer’ which focuses on the strange and funny  situations cosplayers go through and ‘ZOMCON’ a comic about a zombie apocalypse happening at a
comic convention!


  • Book "Being Ginger" £ 10
  • Stickers Dr Who £ 3
  • Stickers Miraculous Ladybug £ 1,50
  • Stickers Gravity Falls £ 1,50
  • Sticker Squirrel Girl £ 0,80
  • Sticker Squirrel Girl eat nuts kick butts £ 0,80
  • Print A3 Squirrel Girl on recycled paper 200 gsm £ 7

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