Derpy Pokémon

Streaming on saturday from 1pm till 3pm CEST

Abe, Elke and Mimi are three friends who like to visit cons as cosplayers and artists. But that’s not possible at the moment and they miss hanging out and chilling with their fellow nerds. But when you can’t hang-out IRL why not online?! Join their stream in wich they release their creativity to draw derpy pokémon. They have to draw them quickley and without looking them up. To make the challenge even bigger, they get no names, but only a pokédex entry. Test your own pokémon knowledge and join them in drawing or submit pokédex entries yourself. Or just take a look, enjoy the art, jokes, art struggles and hang out with you fellow nerds.



In daily live Abe is a full-time comic artist and illustrator. He likes to tell stories about many different subjects: Comics for kids (zoo &zo), comics about food (Smikkelen & Smullen) or just comics about his daily life (Squabe: Glamourloze erkenning). It doesn’t matter, as long as he can tell a story with images. Next to that he gives a lot of workshops, not only to help people improve their skills as an artist, but also to help them train their creative brain.



Elke is a cool cosplayer who takes inspiration from different sources and places. It’s not only about dressing up, but also crafting getting the details right and most of all to have fun.



Mimi is currently studying to become a 2d-animator. Growing up with cartoons, videogames and pop-culture she very quickly became a full on nerd, yes- she is also a cosplayer. Bringing her ideas to life is what she loves most, to let something exist that didn’t exist before is what both animation and cosplay have in common! For now she is training her skills, but one day hopes to work for a gaming studio.