Valentine will be streaming saturday and sunday 6pm till 7pm CET

Valentina “Val” Sannais is a freelance comic artist and illustrator from Italy (tho she considers herself citizen of the world ).

She previously produced book covers, illustrations and comic pages for indie creators around the globe.She is currently working for Astromica [] and Letterelettriche  [].  She has done some illustrations for the author Letizia Loi and published the comic Starfall with Adam Blackhat [] , worked as a graphic designer for the LEGO store in London and collaborated with indie authors such as Martina Fetzer, R.B. Shifman and Ria Winter.

She dreams of living the dream, but what it is she still doesn’t know. Inbetween jobs she likes to devour food, listen to music, read memes and take care of her puppy.

Commission prices

Digital art
  • Bust sketch simple/mono background £ 30
  • Full figure sketch simple/mono background £ 40
  • Bust flat colors simple/mono background £ 40
  • Full figure flat colors simple/mono background £ 55
  • Bust full colors simple/complex background £ 70
  • Full figure full colors simple/complex background £ 100

Commission prices

Traditional art
  • Bust Sketch £ 35
  • Full figure sketch £ 50
  • Bust Full Colors simple background £ 100
  • Bust full colors complex background £ 125
  • Full figure full colors simple background £ 150
  • Full figure full colors complex background £ 200

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