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Marco Failla is an Italian comic artist based in Sicily. Since 2002 he worked as a penciler and inker for various European and American publishers.

Amongst his collaborations are: Red Whale (Monster Allergy), Image Comics (Masters of the Universe), Hasbro (Transformers), Disney (Real Life), Soleil (Hero Corp), and various Italian kids magazines. In 2014 he started working for DC Comics (Harley Quinn), Aftershock Comics (Jackpot), and Marvel Comics (X-Campus, Spider-Man, X-Men, House of M, Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Captain Marvel, Max Ride, Ms. Marvel, All-New Wolverine, Marvel Rising, X-Men Gold, X-Men Black Mystique, Marvelous X-Men, Target Vader, New Mutants).

Commission prices

Pencil / Inked A4
  • 1 Character Close Up € 100 / € 150
  • 1 Character Full Figure € 150 / €230
  • + Complex Background € 50 / € 70
  • +1 Character € 50 / €70
  • + Grey Tones € 50 / €70


  • Standard Cover € 15
  • Blank Cover + Head Sketch € 30

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